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Home Energy Savings Program (HESP)

NOTE: The 2017-18 Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) is now closed. Applications postmarked after September 22, 2017, will not be accepted as funding has been fully committed for this fiscal year. Effective April 1, 2018, applicants are invited to apply for funding which has been allocated for 2018-19.

Program Description

HESP is a provincial initiative designed to assist households with low income who consume 15,000 kWh of electricity annually in making energy efficient retrofits to their homes. The program assists clients with retrofits that will make their homes more affordable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

What assistance is available under HESP?

Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) will provide a pre and post-energy inspection.

For owners of single, row and semi-detached housing, assistance is available in the form of a grant up to $5,000 per unit.

Condo owners are not eligible for HESP assistance.

What repairs or renovations qualify under this program?

All repairs will be identified through an energy evaluation, which will determine the best possible solutions for energy efficiency. A post-energy evaluation will also be required to confirm that identified work was completed. Examples of some repairs that will create energy efficiency are: basement and attic insulation, and draft-proofing.

Who is eligible?

Homeowners with incomes of $32,500 or less per year who consume 15,000 kWh of electricity annually are eligible. Proof of homeownership must be provided with the application and previous year's certified income for applicant and co-applicant must be enclosed. Previous year's income information must be obtained by contacting Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 and requesting your Option "C" Printout. Proof of electricity consumption can be obtained by calling Newfoundland Power at 1-800-663-2802 or NL Hydro at 1-888-737-1296. Incomplete applications will be returned.

NOTE: If you have already received REEP assistance, you are not eligible to apply for HESP.

How are eligible homeowners selected for the program?

Applicants will be served on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Applications can be dropped off at any NLHC office and will be date stamped when received, or if mailed, the post-mark date will be used.

Further Information

Inquiries can be made directly to:
1-866-331-3436 or
(709) 724-3000